Cloud City

by Joe Vinton (Orbital)

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The Cloud City Master Series Tutorial takes you through the steps of recreating Joe Vinton's amazing "Cloud City". Learn directly from a master at constructing amazing structures. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to use construction methods, boolean operations, and grouping to build basic objects that can then be combined to build larger and more complex models.

If youre a novice user to Bryce you will need to read through this from start to finish. It will enable you to understand more on how to utilize Bryces functions to maximize your creativity. More experienced users will be able to skip the basic descriptions and move on to the practical project.

Support Files

The following support files are provided within the Bryce 5 program folder once the tutorial is installed:

  • Scene Files/CloudCity.br5 - Bryce 5 scene file
  • Content/Master Series/CloudCitySky.bsk - Bryce 5 sky file
  • Content/Master Series/CloudCityCloudLayer.jpg - Cloud image to use in post work section
  • Presets/Materials/Master Series/Cloud City.mat - all necessary Bryce 5 material files
  • Presets/Objects/Master Series/Cloud City.obp - example Bryce 5 object files

Hints & Tips

  • Some of the included images are linked to much larger versions of the image. Click on the small images to view the larger versions.
  • If you're not sure about a particular step, load the completed object from the Object Presets Library and study it. Do the same with the completed scene file to see how the entire scene is put together including the lighting setup.
  • Save often, especially when in the construction phase of the final Cloud City. It may also help to add a number to the end of the file name and increment it every time you save (or every few times).
  • As you go through this tutorial, you'll notice that the images show how to resize objects by using the scaling tool or the object handles. There will also be screen captures of the Object Attributes panel for the object showing the exact size and placement amounts. There are two ways to use this information:
    1. Always use the amounts shown in the Objects Attribute panel
    2. Resize/move the object using the scale tool or object handles to get as close to the example as possible, then use the settings in the Objects Attributes panel for the final placement only.
  • Rename everything to show its place in the final structure: CenterDome, Structure, Clouds1, etc. You'll find it much easier to locate objects and groups in a large scene if you give them meaningful names. It's easier to find "DomeSphere1" than it is to figure out it is "Sphere1456". As the tutorial begins, you will be given some specific instructions, such as name the object "ObjectName" or "group them together and rename the group "CenterDome". As the tutorial moves on, you'll be given less detailed instructions, such as "group them together and rename the group", and finally to just "group them together". You'll be learning as you go, so by then you'll be so used to renaming objects and groups that you won't think twice about and we won't have to give you specific names either. Make up names that mean something, that explain what the primitive is or what the group is.

Getting Started

Listed below are the eleven steps to building The Cloud City. You can follow along in order by clicking on the links below or by choosing a particular step instead. Of course, you can't do any construction until you've built the basic objects, so don't skip ahead too far.

Step 1   The City Base - Construct the base of the city

Step 2   The Center Dome - Construct the center dome of the city

Step 3   The Tower - Construct the main tower for the city

Step 4   The Dome - Construct the main dome of the city

Step 5   The Structure - Construct another structure for the city

Step 6   The City - Use the models constructed in the previous steps to build a city in the clouds

Step 7   The Garden - Dig in the soil and grow a garden

Step 8   The Clouds - Set up the clouds to surround the city

Step 9   The Sky - A quick step on setting up the warm feeling needed for the city

Step 10   The Final Scene - Pull everything together and render the scene.

Step 11   Post work - Add the final touches to the scene.

Now on to the first step:

Step 1   The City Base

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