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Cloud City

Step 3 The Tower

The next model to create will be a simple tower. It consists of one sphere, one cylinder, and four cones. This step will involve basic alignment and grouping without any Boolean operations.

Select the Front camera mode and create a cylinder. Stretch it through the Y-axis to increase the height to about double.

Next, create a sphere to act as a dome. Move it into position so the center of the dome is aligned to the top of the cylinder as in the example:

Now, create a cone and reduce the scale to a similar size as you see in the example below:

The cone needs to be the same height as the cylinder, so increase the height through the Y-axis to match the cylinder. To do this select the cylinder and enter the attributes box by clicking on the button. In the size section note the Y-axis value (47 in our case) and exit the Object Attributes for the cylinder. Next, select the cone, enter the Object Attributes, and change the value of the Y-size to match that of the cylinder (i.e., 47).

Switch the camera view to top view and move the cone into position as in the example:

Duplicate the cone (Ctrl-D) and place symmetrically to the original by changing the Z-origin to -7.29:

Select both cones, group them, then duplicate them (Ctrl-D), click on the button and change the X-origin to -7.29. This will move them to the opposite side of the sphere.

Select all objects and click the on the button to ungroup the cones, then on the button to group the four cones, cylinder, and sphere.

Apply the Polished Pewter material from the Master Series Cloud City Material Presets sub-library. Save the model to your Object Presets Library for later use. If you copied the included Presets folder into the Bryce 5 main folder, select the Master Series library and save the tower to the Cloud City sub-library. Name it something like "tower" or "Tower 1".

Step 4   The Dome

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